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[edit] What is the Global Women's Network wiki?

The Global Women's Network (GWN) wiki is essentially the "Wikipedia" of women's organizations, the largest collaborative information source on women's and girls' groups and nonprofit organizations across the globe.

[edit] A Collaborative Space to Connect and Create Change

The GWN wiki will be a collaborative space allowing thousands of women's and girls' organizations and nonprofits worldwide to share information regarding their organizations as well as their current news, issues, and campaigns. The breadth of women's global activism is evident in the multitude of organizations that exist and the Global Women's Network wiki is meant to be a comprehensive and collaborative directory of these organizations. We get our information from organizations themselves and through our dedicated volunteers, what we call wiki-activists. We use collaborative, volunteer-driven process to showcase the multitude of work that is being carried out ranging from the small women's advocacy group working on domestic violence in rural Nebraska, to a national organization working on women's economic rights in Kenya. This directory will bring together the work women are doing in both the Global North and South in one comprehensive and collaborative space.

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