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The Global Women's Network is possible do to the organizations and users who add and edit organizational information. We call these volunteers: wiki-activists.


How can I edit a page?

It's easy! Any person and any organization can add or edit an organizational page. You can do so anonymously without a user account by either clicking on the add or edit with form buttons. While you can make edits anonymously we encourage you to register on the site by creating a user page. This will allow you to track your contributions, earn points and rankings for these contributions, and interact with other wiki-activists. In order to learn the basics of adding and editing information please visit our user guide which includes video tutorials.

How do I create an account?

It's quick and easy. Click here to create an account. You can also view our tutorial which walks you through the process:

Tutorial on how to create a user account

You can visit our current community of wiki-activists by clicking on our list of wiki-activists Click on a name to learn more about the wiki-activist. After you've become a registered user, you can send a friend request to any user.

Why should I become a wiki-activist? Why is my contribution important?

The Global Women's Network is only as broad, dynamic, and current as our users are. By becoming a wiki-activist you will be contributing to the largest collaborative information source on women's and girls' organizations around the world. Whether it be by adding one organizational profile, or by editing and updating 10 organizational profiles, your contributions are essential to our success. The more organizations we feature the more opportunities there are for organizations to share and partner with each other and the more resources there are to allow people to search and access organizations who provide services they need. In the process of becoming a wiki-activist, you'll not only be educating yourself on these organizations and the sectors that they work in as you make their organizational profiles, but you will also be gaining valuable information communication technology skills while you become familiar with the editing process.

Earn points while editing

We want to recognize our wiki-activists for the contributions they make to our website. For wiki-activists who contribute while making edits with a user account, they can earn the following points by completing the following actions:

  • Creating a User Account = 1000 points
  • Upload avatar (picture) = 50 points
  • Friending someone = 5 points
  • Creating or editing an organizational profile = 25 points

Your points will help you move toward a new ranking on our site which will recognize your contributions and leadership on the the Global Women's Network. You'll notice your points and ranking on your user account in red next to your name. We hope that you'll work toward becoming our hero as you move through the rankings below.

  • Apprentice < 1,250 points
  • Graduate => 1,250 points
  • Teacher => 1,600 points
  • Mentor => 2000 points
  • Master => 2750 points
  • Leader => 4000 points
  • Innovator => 6000 points
  • Hero => 11000 points
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