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The Global Women’s Network (GWN) is the wikipedia of women's and girls' organizations. We strive to be the largest collaborative information source on women’s and girls’ organizations operating around the world. We create a virtual space for organizations working on issues related to women and girls to connect, collaborate, and create change at the local, national, and global level. GWN is in need of volunteers, what we call wiki-activists, to contribute to our site by adding information on women's and girls' organizations. By becoming a wiki-activist you can research organizations, educate yourself on the issues they work on, and contribute to the site by including them on the Global Women's Network. It's simple (no technological experience is needed), it's fun, and your work will help us become the largest and most in-depth information source on women's and girls' organizations around the world. Create an account, check out our user guide, and become a wiki-activist today!

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The Global Women's Network currently contains 399 women's and girls' organizations.

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I AM THAT GIRL is a community that seeks to seeks to combat the influence of negative media on girls' perceptions of themselves and the world around them and inspire girls to discover their innate worth and purpose.

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Say No to the High Payment of Dowry and Bride Price in Cameroon.

The dowry system is a shame and should be abolished in Cameroon. Bride price gives the parents the authority to 'sell' their daughters, reinforcing the myth that girls and women are property." women are not for sale". With the high demands from parents many women and men are deprived from getting married. With the high rate of unemployment they can’t afford paying the exorbitant prices and demands. The women are exposes to many societal ills and are the most

vulnerable. Modalities and laws must be instituted by government authorities to regulate the functioning of bride price, if it has to re-exist at all. Bride price is a hindrance to a healthy marriage institution. Women need to face their traditions for a better woman world and Say NO to Bride Price. Bride Price reduces women to the status of chattel or property and exposes them to all sorts of abuse, widow inheritance and the risk of HIV infection.Many young men who cannot afford Bride Price simply co-habit. This makes them forfeit many rights and entitlements, which can be particularly detrimental for already disadvantaged and vulnerable women.The promise of Bride Price encourages parents to force young girls out of school in order to be married off for Bride Price. This discriminates against girls in education. The mothers of the brides are ridiculed to the background when the traditional rites are performed. The dowry collection is carried out by uncles, in-laws and the bride’s fathers. The mothers are not given any token of appreciation as it called, when they have been the ones responsible for the well being of their children. The essence of the bride price is to make a woman submissive and powerless. It is a shame and should be abolished.

Sign the Petition Say No to the Payment of Dowry and Bride Price! Link: https://www.change.org/petitions/the-government-of-cameroon-the-ministry... Link: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/334/235/242/ Link: https://www.facebook.com/SayNoToThePaymentOfDowryAndBridePrice [HMTS Read more at Original post]

Relates to Cameroon

'Honour killings' bring dishonour to India

The public beheading of a woman by her brother in Kolkata highlights a surge in so-called 'honour killings'. Read more at Al Jazeera
Relates to India

Delhi Rape Victim in Singapore — Updated

A young Indian woman who is fighting for her life after being gang raped 11 days ago on a moving bus has been shifted to Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth hospital. Read more at The Wall Street Journal
Relates to India

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