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Our user guide is a work in progress. Continue to revisit this page for more information and extra tutorials!


[edit] Create a User Account

Anyone can add and edit organizational information on the Global Women's Network. We don't require that you create a a user account, but we highly encourage you to create an account! When you create a user account, you become a member of the GWN community. Your user page will allow you to communicate and coordinate with other members. By creating a user account, you can also earn points for every edit you make and for every organization you add. These points earn you new rewards and titles which demonstrate your hard work and contributions to the site. For more information on creating a user account, watch our video below!

Tutorial on how to create a user account

[edit] Add an Organization

[edit] Step 1: Find an Organization to Add

[edit] Add the organization you work with

Do you work with a women's or girls' organization? Please add your organization to our site.

[edit] Add an organization in your community

Do you know of an organization doing great work in your community? Please add them to GWN and fill out the information that you can on our form. An organization does NOT need to have a website of their own or an email contact to be included on our site. In fact, we hope that the GWN site will provide an online presence for organizations that don't currently have a website. In the future, we hope to provide assistance to those organizations that would like to create an online presence.

[edit] Research an organization

The internet is filled with a treasure trove of information on women's and girls' organizations. Our site works to help consolidate that information to make it easier to access and use, so that information on these organizations are in one central location: the Global Women's Network website. In order to find organizations to add to the Global Women's Network, please use our research guide which includes websites that have contain information on women's organizations around the world.

[edit] Step 2: Add an Organization

[edit] Confirm that the organization is not already part of the Global Women's Network

Before you add the organization, please look through our list of organizations and confirm that the organization is not listed. Alternatively, you can do a search for the organization. We will be adding a more advanced search feature in the future.

[edit] Watch our tutorial on how to add an organization

We've created a 20 minute tutorial which walks you through the process of adding an organization. Depending on your comfort level, you can try adding an organization on your own, or you can watch the tutorial before trying to add an organization. Remember that all edits to our site can be reversed and no technological experience is required. Give it a try and don't worry about making mistakes or deleting information. No change is permanent in a wiki!

We've slightly changed the format for the organizational profile and will be adding an updated tutorial very soon. This tutorial will still guide you through the process of adding an organization profile.

Tutorial on how to add an organizational profile
[edit] Notes on adding organizations
  • When adding an organization, please give the page name or title name the following name: Organization Name, City, Country (For example: Public Leadership Education Network, Washington DC, USA)
  • Add the information you have the time and capacity to add. Don't feel you have to fill out the entire profile page in one sitting. You and others can come back to add more information. The only three mandatory fields in the organizational profile (required to save and create a profile) are: Country, Address, Target, Organizational Type, Sector.
  • Please include the address twice in the organizational profile. The first time will show the organization address in the profile. The second time you add the address, the address will be mapped on our site. If you don't have an exact address, including only the city and country is sufficient.
  • Summary: The summary will appear on our map marker and will also be listed in our country pages. For this reason, please try to include a short one to two sentence summary on your profile. There is a 200 character limit on the summary so that the description can fit on our map marker.
  • Needs: When including Needs, you can add separate subheadings. For example, Volunteers, Resources, Equipment. Please add a description below the heading on what is needed.
  • Reverse an edit you made: You can reverse any edit you made by doing the following. Click on the "View History." You will see all of the changes that have been made to that particular page. You can undo any of the edits.
  • Having problems? Email Angie at and we will do our best to solve any technical problems. In the future, we will be holding skype office hours where our staff will be available to answer your questions.

[edit] Step 3: Inform the Global Women's Network that you have created an organizational profile

After you've created an organizational profile, please send an email to the Global Women's Network at: with the subject line: Organizations added to GWN. Please include the link(s) to the organizational profiles you have created in the body of your email.. We will review your profile before we email the organization and inform them that their profile has been added to our website. The organization will then have the chance to edit the profile and add more information.

[edit] Edit an Organization

At any time you can return to an organizational profile to add and edit information. Click on the "Edit with form" and continue editing the organizational profile.

Tutorial on how to edit an organizational profile

[edit] Add an Event

A video tutorial will be coming soon. Click here to add an event.

[edit] Add a News Story

A video tutorial will be coming soon. Click here to add a news story.

[edit] Advanced help

Want more advanced help on how to format your profiles? Click here for formatting help.

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