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Where do you find organizations to add? How do you go about researching them?

Our research guide includes websites with information or listings of women’s and girls’ organizations around the world. We've separated these sites by Country, Target, and Sector. After you visit one of these websites, click on one of the organizations listed on their site. Read about the work they do and decide if you would like to add the organization to the Global Women's Network. In some cases, their website may no longer be active. In those cases, we advise that you do a Google search for the organization (in case the website address has been changed). If you can't find an alternative source, please don't add the organization.

This research guide, like our website, is a collaborative process. If you are aware of other resource sites with information on organizations, please add them to this research guide by clicking on the "edit" tab and including the following:

  • website name
  • short description of the site
  • website link

If you are not comfortable editing the guide, you can also email the information to:


[edit] By Country

[edit] Ireland

Directory of Irish based women's organizations that are members of the National Women's Council of Ireland:

[edit] Kosovo

Kosovo Women's Network: List of member organizations are listed here:

[edit] United Kingdom

Directory of London based women’s organizations:

[edit] USA

[edit] Regional Sites

[edit] Asia

[edit] By Target

[edit] Women
[edit] Girls

[edit] By Organization Type

[edit] Foundations

[edit] By Sector

[edit] Business
[edit] Health
[edit] Violence Against Women
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