New Course, Seattle, USA

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New Course, Seattle, USA
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Street address: New Course

4098 Mattson Place

City: Seattle
State or Province: WA
Country: United States
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Location coordinates: 48° 9' 46" N, 122° 2' 60" W
Contact number: 1.202.834.9697
Contact email:
Target: Girls and Women
Organization type: International NGO (operating in multiple countries)
Sectors: Economic Empowerment, Education, Human Rights, Land Rights, Legal Rights


New Course was created to seek out and engage the women at the center of the world’s troubled environments.


Everywhere, women are struggling to provide their families with the basic necessities for survival—finding food, hauling water, and collecting fuel and other natural resources. But women are rarely included in providing guidance and stewardship when it comes to the management of these precious resources. This endemic exclusion is detrimental to the sustainability of the planet’s beleaguered biodiversity, and to the well-being of the communities these women serve. New Course was created to seek out and engage the women at the center of the world’s troubled environments. We work directly with these matriarchs and our network of partners, employing a holistic approach to solving their most pressing problems. We bring to bear expertise in myriad disciplines to find new, sustainable ways to connect women to a global resource support system—technological, financial, environmental, and social.


By engaging directly with communities—focusing on women—New Course works to discover the most urgent issues hindering effective resource management. They identify the partners most capable of resolving these issues, the financial resources necessary for delivering results, and the methodologies that will empower people to more effectively manage their natural capital.

A few of the challanges that stand in the way:

  • Absence of land-tenure rights
  • Limited access to clean, reliable water sources
  • Limited access to reliable energy sources
  • Rampant malnutrition
  • Lack of general education
  • Lack of specific knowledge of conservation and sustainability practices
  • Wide-spread disease, such as TB, HIV, and malaria
  • Severely limited access to financial resources and training
  • Lack of access to technologies in agriculture, water, and energy
  • Lack of access to reliable communication technologies


Engaging Partners

New Course brings an innovative, integrated approach to conservation and sustainable development. New Course works with communities and partners to identify the tools, skills, technologies, information, and opportunities they need to improve the well-being of their people; they create income-generating projects and strategies to improve health, education, and natural-resource management.

Delivering Resources

New Course works to develop more effective policies, support successful institutions, identify appropriate technologies, and generate sufficient funding to enable sustainable environments. They work with partners, foundations, donors, and the broader community to deliver the resources necessary to support and sustain these efforts.

Managing for Change

New Course community investments are focused on creating opportunities and solutions for improved natural resource management—and improved livelihoods—without the collateral damage that can arise from more narrowly focused initiatives. They remain engaged with the communities we serve to provide support over the long term, with clear entry and exit strategies to help manage risk and ensure stability and continuity.

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