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MATCH International - Ottawa, Canada
Street address: P.O. Box 3400 STN C

Ottawa, ON K1Y 9Z9

1404 Scott Street Ottawa, ON K1Y 4M8

Country: Canada
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Location coordinates: 45° 24' 4" N, 75° 43' 40" W
Contact number: 613-761-3695
Contact email:
Target: Girls and Women
Organization type: International NGO (operating in multiple countries)
Sectors: Violence Against Women, Political Participation/Governance, Human Rights, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Education


MATCH International is a Canadian women's international organization guided by a feminist vision of sustainable development which recognizes the diverse realities of women and respects their efforts for self-determination.



To fulfill its mission, MATCH works in partnership with groups in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America towards the empowerment of women and the practical enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms through civil, political, economic, social and cultural justice.

MATCH also undertakes public education in Canada on development and women’s issues and works to build and strengthen the women's movement nationally and internationally.


MATCH seeks to create a world in which women have a say about their lives, their community and their country, and are decision-makers in all areas and at all levels of society. Women should have full access to resources and services, and have the power to make choices that improve their lives and those of their families and communities. A gender equity perspective should be integrated into all policies, laws and practices in all spheres of society.


From its beginnings, the focus of MATCH’s work has been on initiatives developed by women for women. MATCH supports grassroots and community driven, innovative projects and ideas identified and executed by women in the global South. Throughout MATCH's history, our work has spanned the globe, reaching some of the world's most marginalized groups of women. We are committed to providing women with the opportunities and resources they need to create a more equal reality between women and men.

The projects below showcase some of MATCH’s most innovative work over the years.

Peru - Centro Desarrollo De La Mujer Negra Peruana (CEDEMUNEP)

Partnering with World University Service of Canada, and the Centro Desarrollo De La Mujer Negra Peruana (CEDEMUNEP), MATCH has launched a project in Afro-Peruvian communities in Lima and the Ica Region of the Peru. The project seeks to increase the influence of Afro-Peruvian women in the political and public spheres, in particular, to empower emerging and established women leaders within their communities. Groups of women will come together to develop leadership and public speaking skills, as well as improve their knowledge of the political process in Peru (citizen rights, consultation mechanisms, functions of local government, etc.). The project will also facilitate mentoring relationships between women, men and community leaders.

Senegal - Centre Africain pour le leadership feminin (CALDU)

The project aimed to strengthen the capacity of women community leaders on the principles, challenges and advantages of decentralized local government (equality and gender equity, good governance, and the taxation/resources of local governments). Through a series of training activities, awareness sessions and promotion campaigns, CALDU encouraged women to be become engaged in the political process, take advantage of the political policy and participate in the decentralized structures.

Jamaica - St. Thomas Women’s Agricultural Initiative (STWAI)

STWAI is a sustainable farming initiative run by women in the south-eastern part of Jamaica. The program provided supports for women farmers to maintain a steady crop of easy to manage cassava, plantains and sweet potatoes to sell to suppliers. The program also provided learning opportunities in relation to business management. The program highlighted the importance of basic management and personal skills, institutional strengthening, crop expansion and diversification, and the proper maintenance of equipment and resources.

Ghana - The Centre for Sustainable Development Initiatives (CENSUDI)

Operating in one of the poorest regions of Ghana, CENSUDI partnered with MATCH to contribute to a sustainable and visible enhancement of the socio-economic growth of youth in poor rural households. The partnership facilitated the formation of strong youth groups, including young women as the most targeted and active participants. The program created an environment of empowerment for young women and men through open discussion as well as facilitation of full participation in decisions that affected them most (marriage, dowry, education, etc). The youth were offered the opportunity to engage in a number of income generating activities and were granted access to a saving and loan scheme.

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