Junto Con Los Niños (Together with Children) JUCONI, Guayaquil, Ecuador

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Junto Con Los Niños (Together with Children) JUCONI, Guayaquil, Ecuador
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State or Province: Guayaquil
Country: Ecuador
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Location coordinates: 2° 12' 14" S, 79° 53' 51" W
Executive Director: Lizardo García
Contact number: (5934) 5006888
Contact email: juconi@juconi.org.ec
Website: http://www.juconi.org.ec/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/juconiecuador
Target: Girls
Organization type: National NGO (operating countrywide or advocating at the national level)
Sectors: Education, Empowerment, Health, Leadership, Poverty Alleviation
Year founded/registered: 1995



JUCONI aims to provide specialized services for children and adolescents working on the streets, as well as those identified as being at high risk of taking up streetwork.


The Junto Con Los Niños (Together with Children) JUCONI Foundation was set up in 1995 as a non-profit Ecuadorian organization, with the aim of providing specialized services for children and adolescents working on the streets, as well as those identified as being at high risk of taking up streetwork.

to assist all street-working children, and those at high risk, to find solutions for meeting their needs, in a way that ensures their total healthy development, and allows them to exercise their rights in accordance with the framework of the Convention of the Rights of Childhood.
Who JUCONI Serves

The children on JUCONI´s program work on the streets to contribute to the household income and return home to their families living in highly dangerous and deprived shanty towns around the city. These communities are in marginal-urban areas (south and the northwest of the Guayaquil city) lack elemental services, such as paved roads, drinking water, plumbing for sewage, waste collection or legal and safe electricity supply.

They have poor hygiene and nutrition along with absence of free health services means that children suffer from curable skin sores, parasites, respiratory and stomach complaints. Additionally, these communities are lawless places with rising levels of abuse.


JUCONI aims to:

  • Provide street-working children with the vital skills necessary for creating solutions to their problems, in a context that ensures their healthy development so that they are able to exercise their rights.
  • Develop families and active communities that respect and strive to provide for the rights of children and adolescents.
  • Share skills and experiences with other organizations, both public and private, providing services for children, with the aim of building and strengthening capabilities for working effectively with those who are exposed to the problems of the streets and other socially excluded children.

In order to achieve its mission, JUCONI relies on a team of professionals, predominantly psychologists, family therapists, social workers and specialists in child care. In addition, local and foreign volunteers work with us every year.


Services For Street Working Children: This programme is based on a therapeutic and educational model for street-working children and their families. This programme care is carried out through an intensive and personalized process which takes place inside the home, promoting a family environment which offers emotional security and the protection necessary to ensure the all-round development of the individual child or adolescent.

Training Centre: In order to be able to make its systematic methodology available to other professionals working with vulnerable children, JUCONI has designed a number of training packages that allow the key elements of their methods to be adapted to the needs of each individual participant.

Both methodology and formative aspects are based on elements of theories of Development, Trauma and Attachment, with a systematic approach which makes possible an understanding of the dynamics of violence and of personal and family processes, and the consideration of new forms of interaction to help improve relationships and communication in different contexts.

The Centre for Training not only has as its objective the technical training of other professionals, but also accompaniment and advice in the participants’ places of work, in order to ensure that the training received in the classroom is applied in a practical way, in keeping with the situation and objectives of each institution working with vulnerable populations, primarily promoting work with the families who are also vulnerable.

The Training Centre runs training packages such as Family Boarding, Family Diagnostics, Family Intervention in cases of Intra-Family Violence, Impact of Violence on the Process of Learning and Teaching, Short-term Solution-Focused Therapy, and Effective Discipline amongst others.


You can sponsor a child or donate online.

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