JAN Trust, London, United Kingdom

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JAN Trust, London, United Kingdom
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Street address: 8 - 10 Bedford Road

Wood Green

State or Province: London
Country: United Kingdom
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Location coordinates: 51° 34' 46" N, 0° 7' 39" W
Executive Director: Sajda Mughal
Contact number: 02088899433
Contact email: sajda@jantrust.org
Website: http://www.jantrust.org/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jantrust
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/JAN-Trust/142992712438993
Target: Girls and Women
Organization type: Local NGO (operating at the community level), National NGO (operating countrywide or advocating at the national level)
Sectors: Child Marriage, Disabled Women, Economic Empowerment, Education, Elder Women, Empowerment, Female Genital Mutilation, Gender Discrimination, Health, Human Rights, Immigration/Migration, Leadership, Peace and Conflict, Political Participation/Governance, Poverty Alleviation, Refugees, Single Mothers, Teen Pregnancy/Mothers, Trafficking, Violence Against Women
Year founded/registered: 1989


We support women and their families, particularly from diverse communities, to achieve gender equality, social and economic justice.


JAN Trust (www.jantrust.org) is a well established non for profit organisation with a strong track record of project delivery and success. We have delivered projects locally, nationally and internationally.

Our ethos is to empower and provide leadership for women and youth creating active citizens of society.

We carry out a range of services and projects including (but not limited to) forced marriages; honour killings; domestic violence; intercommunity and interfaith dialogue; human rights; citizenship etc. We work with a range of partners including non for profit organisations; mainstream agencies; schools; colleges; universities and governmental institutions.


Our main activities focus on:

  • Empowering grass roots communities to create active citizens
  • Mentoring
  • Intracommunity and interfaith work
  • Training for both public and mainstream agencies
  • International exchange programmes
  • Programmes alleviating poverty; deprivation; domestic violence; forced marriages; honour killings; discrimination (including religious discrimination)
  • Pan UK and International events promoting female role models
  • Community Cohesion
  • Health Awareness

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