International Workshop on Gender Training

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[edit] Location

705 Roosevelt Avenue Ottawa, Canada K2A 2A8, Ottawa, Canada

[edit] Details

Organizations, programmes and projects are increasingly being asked to develop gender equality policies and strategies that seek to provide women and men with equal opportunities and ensure that their interventions are gender-sensitive or at the very least do not reinforce inequities. The gender training workshop seeks to provide workshop participants with core concepts, gender analytic frameworks and gender strategies that can improve the effectiveness of your organization, programmes and projects in working with vulnerable and marginalized women and men, boys and girls. The workshop will move you beyond the theory to apply in practical and useful ways gender analysis and gender sensitive strategies to your organization and its programmes and projects to achieve greater social justice, development and peace.

Date: 2012/07/16
Time: 08:30
Sponsoring Organization: International, Inc.
Sectors: Leadership, Legal Rights, Human Rights, Education Other Sectors: Equal Opportunities

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