International Domestic Workers Network, Global

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International Domestic Workers Network, Global
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Street address: Global
Country: Global
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Location coordinates: 46° 11' 22" N, 6° 7' 24" E
Executive Director: Myrtle Witbooi
Target: Women
Organization type: Women's network (network/coalition of people or organizations)
Sectors: Labor Rights


The International Domestic Workers Network (IDWN) is made up of domestic workers' organizations and other trade unions around the world.


The International Domestic Workers Network (IDWN) is made up of domestic workers' organizations and other trade unions around the world. The steering committee is made up of representatives from domestic workers' organizations.

At the first global meeting of representatives of domestic workers organizations at Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2006, a decision was made to entrust the IUF, a Global Union Federation and WIEGO to develop a project to assist domestic workers to organize and to campaign for decent work. In 2009, an interim structure of IDWN was formally launched and since then, had been actively participating in the ILO process to realize an ILO convention for domestic workers by coordinating campaigns of domestic workers at various levels. The strategies and collective actions have built coherence and solidarity of domestic workers worldwide and hence the IDWN.

Today, the IDWN is based in the Global Union Federation, IUF, which has domestic workers in its jurisdiction. Some of its affiliates organize domestic workers. Currently, the IDWN has the status of a special, self-funded project, reporting to the IUF Executive.


  • Strong democratic domestic workers' organization to protect domestic workers' rights
  • Change power relations in society, to promote gender equality and human rights for the benefits of domestic workers
  • Democracy and accountability at the organization level
  • Solidarity with other labour movements


  • IDWN leads and monitors the campaign for the ratification of the ILO Convention for domestic workers (C 189), its implementation and to report complaints (to the ILO).
  • IDWN raises awareness in each region of the situation of domestic workers and increase the visibility of the network of domestic workers.
  • IDWN participates in international forums and influence international policies in e.g. UN Women, ILO, ITUC, GUFs, etc.
  • IDWN builds strong trade union solidarity in all countries, and form alliances with social justice and labour movements.
  • IDWN empowers domestic workers as leaders.
  • IDWN provides a platform for exchange and to facilitate constant communication amongst members.
  • IDWN expands the membership of the network so it can be wider and stronger.
  • IDWN shares and exchanges to learn from one another and to develop educators and trainers.

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