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The Global Women's Network is only as vibrant as our volunteers! Get involved today!


[edit] Become a wiki-activist

Create an account and become a wiki-activist. A wiki-activist is a virtual volunteer that creates and edits organizational profiles of women's and girls' organizations. You only need a computer and internet access. You can volunteer when it works for you: at any time of the day and for any length of time. No time commitment is required and NO technical background or experience with our website is needed. We have tutorials to guide you through the process and our user guide provides detailed information on how to find information on women's organizations. Wiki-activists are key to making the Global Women's Network a website which covers a diverse collection of organizations across the globe.

[edit] Become an Organizational Member

Do you work with a women's or girls' organization? Add your organizational information to our website, add an event to our calendar, join us for an interview on the Global Women's Network podcast, or submit a story for our newsletter. If an organizational profile has already been created for you by one of our wiki-activists, you can participate in our website by editing the profile and keeping it up-to-date. We are also looking for organizations we can interview for our podcast. Contact us if your are interested in being featured on our podcast!

[edit] Become a Global Women's Network Ambassador

The Global Women's Network is in need of Ambassadors to go out and spread the word about our website. As a volunteer-run organization, the success of our Network relies on getting our message out, recruiting wiki-activists, and encouraging organizations to add their own organizational profiles. A GWN Ambassador is committed to spreading our message and informing in their real and virtual communities about the Global Women's Network.

[edit] Intern with the Global Women's Network

We are currently looking for interns located in the Washinton DC area who can contribute atleast 20 hours a week to the development of Global Women's Network. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Angie at

[edit] Become a Wiki-Activist Advisor

After you've become an experienced wiki-activist, join our team as an advisor that works to help answer editing questions from new wiki-activists. In the futre, we will hold skype office hours, where advisors will be responsible for a shift when they are available to answer questions from wiki-activists. Contact us for more information.

[edit] Join the Profile Review Board

We make it a priority to read every profile that has been added to the Global Women's Network and monitor it for its content. After you've gained some experience as a wiki-activist, please contact us if you're interested in joining the review board.

[edit] Organize a fundraising event

At the Global Women's Network, we strive to keep our website free to access and free of advertising. We can only do this with the support of those who use our site. By donating to the Global Women's Network or by hosting an event to benefit GWN you will be contributing to the sustainability and growth of the Global Women's Network. Contact us if you're interested in organizing an event.

[edit] Start a Global Women's Network Chapter in your Community

The Global Women's Network is not only committed to sharing both the diversity of work organizations are working on but also showcasing the similarities in the struggles we face. By including organizational information on work that spans the globe, we hope to foster connections between organizations which work on similar issues from the Global North to the Global South. The Global Women's Network local chapters bring together women to discuss local, national, and global issues. Chapters can also meet to have 'hack-a-thon' days where a group of wiki-activists get together to not only add organizational profiles but also share what they've learned about these organizations with fellow chapter members. Contact us if you're interested in starting a chapter!

[edit] Join the Global Women's Network Washington DC Meetup Group

Click here to learn more and join!

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