Educate and Empower, Sydney, Australia

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Educate and Empower, Sydney, Australia
City: Sydney
State or Province: NSW
Country: Australia
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Location coordinates: 33° 52' 8" S, 151° 12' 26" E
Contact email:
Target: Girls
Organization type: Local NGO (operating at the community level), National NGO (operating countrywide or advocating at the national level)
Sectors: Education, Empowerment
Year founded/registered: 2011
Number of staff: 38


Our mission is to raise awareness about the importance of education in empowering women. We are a group of 38 highschool students, and our goal is to get the message out to at least 100,000 people.


About Us

We're a group of 38 Australian high school students from Hornsby Girls High who are trying to change the world. We are targeting women in developing countries to not only improve their own lives, but to also help their entire communities in a ‘ripple effect’: we believe that everyone has a right to take control of their own life.

In promoting women’s education, we aim to empower them with valuable skills such as literacy proficiency, an understanding of commerce, health information and knowledge of their legal rights and responsibilities.

We have set up Educate&Empower as a means of publicising the issue, and to demonstrate the benefits of improving the living standard of these women. We are a not-for-profit, non-religious organisation mentored by the High Resolves Initiative, and strongly believe that in acting in our role as global citizens, that we truly can engender change in the world.

Our Aims

Our aims as a group are designed to enable change: in our goal of improving the condition of women in third, we are trying to: - Inform 100,000 people not only about problems faced, but what they can do to help - Engage 10,000 people in making a change

“Don’t give them a meal; teach them to grow their own.”

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