Centro Cultural Batahola Norte, Managua, Nicaragua

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Centro Cultural Batahola Norte, Managua, Nicaragua
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Street address: de la antigua Embajada EEUU 1c. al oeste, 3c. al norte, 1c. al oeste
City: Managua
Country: Nicaragua
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Location coordinates: 12° 8' 11" N, 86° 15' 5" W
Website: http://centrobatahola.org
Target: Girls and Women
Organization type: Local NGO (operating at the community level)
Sectors: Education


North Batahola Cultural Center is a community center since 1983, opens a space for culture, education and training for women and youth in the slums of Managua, to achieve self-determination. Through comprehensive education and culture, we invite the people excluded from economic, political, social and discover their human rights, self-esteem and equality.

The Center was founded by Sister Margarita Navarro, CSJ (U.S.) and Father Angel Torrellas, OP (Asturias, Spain) to be an oasis of art and human training. It is an educational center open to all without distinction of religion, rooted in the values ​​inherited from the Christian faith of its founders.


Started 25 years ago as a priority to walk with the people in finding a new way of living worthy. It started very humbly with volunteers teaching the same neighborhood, in the seam first, then beauty, confectionery and typing for women, and music for children and youth.

The program for children and youth of today includes painting and drawing, drama, folk dance and music, library services and activities of singing and stories with children. The courses directed toward women were expanded to include leadership training and education, adult basic education (literacy and primary level), cooking and crafts. At the end of the 90 technical courses were added as a box, accounting and computing machinery to respond to changes in the economy and the labor market. These courses increased the participation of boys and men, now the student body is 75% female and 25% men.

All teaching of the Cultural Center has the overall objective of facilitating the economic independence, individual dignity and the discovery of one's own abilities and classmates. Today, it has a teaching area that trains more than 500 people each year, a library of 5,000 books accessible to the community, a youth choir and orchestra, dance groups and theater folk and a scholarship program helps 225 young people and women to continue to explore and develop their social commitment. It operates with a staff of 20 teachers and 13 administrative, 75% of which were formed in the Centre itself.

In his 25 years of working in the community, the Cultural Center has a positive influence on the lives of thousands of men, women, youth and children. Some of our achievements are:

• The continued growth of comprehensive education program, is now a wide range with a high quality education both in the community known as the National Technological Institute (INATEC) and the Ministry of Education. Through this program, the Center has trained over 2,000 women and youth to defend their rights, improve their family economy and / or find new revenue. • In its early years (1987) mobilized the community center and foreign aid (from Manos Unidas of Spain) to build the first school in North Batahola the College Carlos Fonseca Amador, who was the best school district for many years. • The professionalization of more than 100 students since 1994, which awarded scholarships to graduating and took his college career with a major professional (lawyer, doctor, translator, business administrator, etc.).. • A highly developed commitment to solidarity within and outside the neighborhood, allowing a rapid mobilization of the community to help victims of Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Through the Cultural Center was built 65 houses in villages to the north and two years after the disaster, offered training in sewing and other domestic arts groups of women in Posoltega and the Virgin. • The Boys Choir Batahola, begun in 1983 and known as the Choir "Angel Torrellas," has established itself as a cultural star in the firmament of Nicaragua. Musical has toured in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Guatemala, recorded two albums of Nicaraguan music (Songs of the Immaculate and the Nicaraguan Peasant Mass), and produced professional musicians who are found in almost all groups in the country.

In 2006 the North Batahola Cultural Center was one of six human rights projects selected by the United Nations Program for Development in Nicaragua (UNDP-Nicaragua) and the only one in Nicaragua to be awarded by the Cultural Center of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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