Asociación Colectiva por el Derecho a Decidir (Collective for the Right to Decide), San José, Costa Rica

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Asociación Colectiva por el Derecho a Decidir (Collective for the Right to Decide), San José, Costa Rica
Street address: Apartado Postal 2608-2050
City: San Jose
Country: Costa Rica
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Location coordinates: 25° 26' 18" N, 100° 57' 45" W
Contact number: (506) 2253 8240
Contact email:
Target: Girls and Women
Organization type: National NGO (operating countrywide or advocating at the national level)
Sectors: Education, Gay/Lesbian Rights, Health, Public Policy, Reproductive Health, Reproductive Rights, Teen Pregnancy/Mothers



Collective for the Right to Decide is committed to protecting and promoting the right of women to decide fully on sexuality and reproduction processes through advocacy, research and action.


Collective for the Right to Decide is made up of women who believe in respect for diversity of opinions, intergenerational relationships, confidentiality, life learning, and sisterhood.

  • Their goals are to:
    • Actively participate in the regulatory process and implementation of therapeutic abortion in Costa Rica.
    • Promote and strengthen partnerships with stakeholders to support development initiatives around the rights of women to decide about their sexuality and reproduction.
    • Gain political influence in the legal, educational, and health systems to incorporate, strengthen and improve the mechanisms that allow women to decide about their sexuality and reproduction.
    • Develop a conceptual framework around the right to decide, through research, publication and active participation in forums for debate.
    • Become a public space for political reference on the topic of women's right to decide about their sexuality and reproduction.
    • Promote a secular state and secular freedoms that are the foundation of a democratic state that respects the right of people to decide.

The Collective offers information and support for women and girls dealing with issues such as sexual reproduction rights, abortion, emergency contraception, and sexual diversity.


Collective for the Right to Decide has three main focuses: research, training, and advocacy.

Research: There is a lack of updated and specific information on many issues in which the Collective works, particularly on abortion and all its dimensions. The Collective works to investigate key issues that will generate scientific evidence, specific information, and arguments that will support spreading and impact on what they have developed.

Training: The Collective creates the existence of formal spaces of awareness, discussion, analysis, and debate on issues of sexual and reproductive rights, which enable participants to return elements of the theory to reflect from their professional experience and their daily practices, discussing deficiencies and visualizing concrete actions to resolve them.

  • They work with health professionals and the legal sector, they do this becasue the issue of sexual rights and reproductive health of people has been absent from training programs of these professions, which leads to a widespread ignorance about these issues.
  • From a gender and human rights and a feminist perspective, and they have developed modules to work issues such as legal framework of the DDSS / DDRR, sexual and reproductive health of women, rights of minors, diversity sex legalization of abortion in Costa Rica, emergency contraception, modern contraceptive technology, bioethics, and others. For the development of these activities, they have a network of collaborating specialists in various subjects.

Advocacy: The Collective focuses their advocacy on four different institutions: the health sector, education sector, legislative assembly, and the public.

  • They work with officials from the Ministry of Health and Social Security Fund, interested in maintaining channels of communication and negotiation that encourage the advancement of policies and regulations aimed at improving the overall health of women. They work on creating environments conducive to sexual rights and reproductive rights from the perspective of health personnel in hospitals, clinics and health centers throughout the country. Currently, they participate in the process of creating the Healthy Sexuality Policy, promoted by the Ministry of Health.
  • They work in conjunction with the Red Deser, to develop measures that will ensure the Ministry of Education responds to the commitments made about sexual education in the Ministerial Declaration "Prevention through Education", signed in Mexico in 2008.
  • The Collective monitors bills presented in the Legislature, so that they can support and encourage those that represent an improvement for women's rights.
  • They aim to build an enabling environment for all people, women and young people in particular, in which inspires action aimed at sensitizing public opinion on the right to decide. They develop media campaigns, participate in marches, and collective public action.


They are currently collecting funds to print a 2011-2012 calendar. This new edition of the calendar will have the slogan "Walls who cry for women." Contact for this can be done by phone or email.

General donations can be made by clicking here.

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