American Medical Women’s Association, Philadelphia, USA

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American Medical Women’s Association, Philadelphia, USA
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Street address: 100 North 20th Street, Suite 400
City: Philadelphia
State or Province: PA
Country: United States
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Location coordinates: 39° 57' 21" N, 75° 10' 23" W
Executive Director: Lindsay Groff, MBA
Contact number: (215) 320-3716-0500
Contact email:
Target: Women
Organization type: National NGO (operating countrywide or advocating at the national level)
Sectors: Education, Public Policy
Other sectors: Research
Year founded/registered: 1915



AMWA membership is comprised of physicians, residents, medical students, and health care professionals. AMWA is the only multispecialty organization dedicated to advancing women in medicine and improving women's health.


AMWA VISION The American Medical Women's Association empowers women to lead in improving health for all within a model that reflects the unique perspective of women.

AMWA MISSION The American Medical Women's Association is an organization which functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring, and strategic alliances.

AMWA BACKGROUND The American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) is an organization of women physicians, medical students and other persons dedicated to serving as the unique voice for women's health and the advancement of women in medicine. The organization was founded by Dr. Bertha VanHoosen in 1915 in Chicago, at a time when women physicians were an under-represented minority. As women in medicine increase in numbers, new problems and issues arise that were not anticipated. AMWA has been addressing these issues for 95 years.

AMWA LEGACY FUND AMWA will have a permanent lobby exhibit at the Archives & Special Collections on Women in Medicine; the largest collection of material pertaining to the history of women in medicine. Located at Drexel University in Philadelphia, this will be the first public showcase to display AMWA historic documents and photos from the past 95 years. The sunlit lobby will feature floor-to-ceiling windows, a high tech globe display, and portraits of prominent women in medicine. Plans are underway to create the space for AMWA's Legacy Exhibit. AMWA's gift to the Legacy Center: Archives and Special Collections on Women in Medicine will be honored with the following, located in the new building's lobby:

  • Glass case displaying objects and documents from the AMWA and AWHS Collections; these will be rotated periodically to display more of the collections, as well as for preservation reasons
  • Wall space adjacent to the case displaying flat art and/or framed documents; these will be rotated
  • Signage near the case and wall acknowledging AMWA's gift


Upcoming Meetings & Events

Save the Date! April 13-15, 2012 AMWA’s 97th Annual Meeting Sofitel Miami – Miami, Florida


We are still trying to reach our $100,000 goal to fund this effort. Please consider even a small donation to honor AMWA's rich history.$2,500 and above will be individually recognized in the lobby's "Wall of Fame" display!

1.AMWA Legacy Fund

Help preserve AMWA's legacy for future generations. AMWA will have a permanent lobby exhibit at the Archives & Special Collections on Women in Medicine--the largest collection of material pertaining to the history of women in medicine in the US. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Archives will be part of Drexel University's new building for the Institute for Women's Health and Leadership. To secure this permanent exhibit space in the new building, AMWA will need to raise $100,000 over the next year. Please consider a contribution to this worthy cause. Any amount will help us reach the goal. Donations of $2,500 and above will be individually recognized in the lobby's The Wall of Fame display, and $1,000 and above will be listed as an AMWA supporter on this site.

2.American Women's Hospitals Services. A charitable program of the American Medical Women’s Association, the American Women’s Hospitals Service (AWHS) is dedicated to providing care to indigent and medically underserved populations of the U.S. and abroad, especially through programs that serve the needs of women and children. AWHS gives direct assistance to medical clinics for those in very serious need; and provides grants to assist the training of medical students and residents serving in these and other clinics overseas.

3.AMWA Advocacy A leading advocate for women's health and women in medicine, AMWA is an active participant in setting national health care policy and influencing legislation on women's health issues. AMWA's President, Dr. Claudia Morrissey, has identified guaranteed access to preventive and acute patient-centered, high-quality health care in the US as THE women's health issue of our time. Funds will be used to organize advocacy efforts such as the "Conversations with the Candidates" initiative and next year's "Conversation on the Hill." Both give AMWA members and supporters opportunities to dialogue with national-level policy makers on health care reform.

4.AMWA Vision Fund. AMWA's Board of Directors created the Vision Fund to ensure that AMWA successfully transitions to its new donor member 501(c)(3) structure. With your help from your tax-deductible donation, AMWA will continue to implement a dynamic agenda committed to advancing women in medicine and improving women's health.

5.Student Affairs Your tax-deductible contribution will enable AMWA to provide direct support to students and AMWA student chapters across the nation through a variety of programs, including: ◦Student academic and need-based awards ◦Student travel scholarships ◦Chapter and Regional event scholarships ◦Student newsletter

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