Abortion Care Network, Rowe, USA

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Abortion Care Network, Rowe, USA
Street address: 1425 K Street NW #350
City: Washington DC
State or Province: Distric of Columbia
Country: United States
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Location coordinates: 38° 54' 10" N, 77° 1' 59" W
Executive Director: Charlotte Taft
Contact number: 202-419-1444
Contact email: ctaft@abortioncarenetwork.org
Website: http://www.abortioncarenetwork.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/AbortionCare
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/abortioncarenetwork
Target: Girls and Women
Organization type: Women's network (network/coalition of people or organizations)
Sectors: Reproductive Rights
Year founded/registered: 2008


Connecting the abortion care community, the Abortion Care Network (ACN) is the driving force behind the movement to de-stigmatize and normalize the abortion experience while offering support and training to the abortion care community. Founded in 2008, as a successor to the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, ACN has created a network of independent abortion providers, supportive allied organizations, and socially conscious individuals who are deeply invested in creating an environment where women who choose abortion, and those that provide care, are no longer harassed or shamed by the choices they make.


The Abortion Care Network takes advantage of all avenues of communication to connect the abortion care community, offering many levels of resources, support and networking opportunities. Current examples: monthly webinars for frontline staff, downloadable protocol-sharing from members, issue oriented teleconferences, a Facebook page, and print and online newsletters. ACN reaches millions of women through our members and through on-line venues, and quality handouts.

Along with challenging a stigmatized view of abortion, we are also dedicated to the training of the next generation of abortion providers. ACN focuses on the underserved front line staff including counselors, advocates, clinic administrators and medical support staff who care for women and their families. As we experience the “graying” of providers, our commitment is to ensure that future providers get the support they need in order to provide the best in abortion care. With the vast majority of all abortions in the U.S. provided by independent providers, it is critical that there is an organization dedicated to continually raising the bar for quality abortion care as we move forward.

Through the ACN Network I am able

to reach out to those on the front lines of professional abortion care.” --Rev. Rebecca Turner, Faith Aloud

The election of a pro-choice president and Congress brings renewed activity from anti-choice protesters and anti-choice politicians at a local level. In just the first year since the election, ACN has already found the need to sponsor an anti-bullying and harassment movement called Enough! Basta! Stop Sidewalk Bullying at Women’s Clinics on Facebook and YouTube. This campaign was developed to create awareness of the increased incidents of anti-choice protests and harassment outside of many clinics.

ACN is the network that connects providers experiencing harassment as they go public with videos of the harassment that they experience on a daily basis, and harness the power of on-line social networking. ACN is creating a positive movement to expose this damaging and stigmatizing activity and bring hope to clinic workers.

Your support of the Abortion Care Network allows us to continue to connect with and support abortion providers as they strive to provide a caring, respectful environment for their patients. We are moving forward to create a wider public sphere for conversation through the internet as well as training for abortion care workers in web based formats. By connecting the abortion care community we are creating a better environment for women and their families.

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