National Democratic Institute, Washington DC, USA

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National Democratic Institute, Washington DC, USA
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Street address: 2030 M Street, NW, Fifth Floor
City: Washington
State or Province: DC
Country: United States
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Location coordinates: 38° 54' 29" N, 77° 2' 26" W
Executive Director: Kenneth Wollack
Contact number: 202 728 5500
Target: Women
Organization type: International NGO (operating in multiple countries)
Sectors: Empowerment, Leadership, Political Participation/Governance
Year founded/registered: 1983


NDI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.


NDI believes that equitable participation of women in politics and government is essential to building and sustaining democracy. The Institute is committed to working with women as partners and participants in NDI programs and activities. Comprising over 50 percent of the world's population, women continue to be under-represented as voters, political leaders and elected officials. Democracy cannot truly deliver for all of its citizens if half of the population remains underrepresented in the political arena.

NDI helps women acquire the tools necessary to participate successfully in all aspects of the political process. Our creative and wide-ranging programs – in both challenging environments where democracy is just beginning to flourish and in more established democracies – engage women in legislatures, political parties and civil society as leaders, activists and informed citizens. These programs create an environment where women can advocate on matters of policy, run for political office, be elected, govern effectively, and participate meaningfully in every facet of civic and political life.

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