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What is the Global Women's Network wiki?

The Global Women's Network (GWN) wiki is essentially a wikipedia of women's organizations, the largest collaborative information source on women's and girls' groups and nonprofit organizations operating around the world.

A Collaborative Space to Connect and Create Change

The Global Women's Network is a collaborative space allowing thousands of women's and girls' organizations and nonprofits worldwide to share information regarding their organizations as well as their current news, issues, and needs. Our network of organizations is also meant to serve as a resource for those that are in need of a service. We hope that our organizational information will help connect people with organizations who can serve their needs.

The Global Women's Network is meant to demonstrate the breadth of women's global activism through the multitude of organizations listed on our site. This organizational information is obtained through a collaborative volunteer driven process which anyone can contribute to. We get our information from organizations themselves and through our dedicated volunteers, what we call wiki-activists. We showcase the multitude of work that is being carried out around the world ranging from the small women's advocacy group working on domestic violence in rural Nebraska, to a national organization working on women's economic rights in Kenya. The Global Women's Network brings together the work women are doing in both the Global North and Global South in one comprehensive and collaborative space.


Wiki-activists are the volunteer editors who contribute to our site. Anyone with a computer and Web access can become a wiki-activist and edit the Global Women's Network wiki. This openness allows for the breadth of organizations included on our site, including small organizations that may not already have a web presence. For more information on how to become a wiki-activist please click wiki-activists. For information on how to add and edit organizational profiles please click user guide.

Exploring the Global Women's Network

Many people visit the Global Women's Network to learn about the work being done by women's and girls' organizations, while others visit our site to share their knowledge on these organizations by adding and editing content. At this very moment, organizational profiles are being improved, and new organizational profiles are also being created. Changes can be viewed at the recent changes page and a random page can be viewed at the random page.

The Global Women's Network is primarily written in English. Organizational profiles can be included in other languages, although this is limited to languages using the Roman or Latin alphabets. We hope that in future phases, we will be able to support other languages. Please use the "translate feature" at the bottom of our page to translate a page into one of 11 languages.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

For more information on the Global Women's Network click here for a list of frequently asked questions.

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