Animus Association, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Animus Association, Sofia, Bulgaria
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Street address: 85 Ekzarh Yossif st.
City: Sofia
Country: Bulgaria
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Location coordinates: 42° 42' 4" N, 23° 19' 50" E
Target: Girls and Women
Organization type: National NGO (operating countrywide or advocating at the national level)
Sectors: Commercial Sexual Exploitation, Empowerment, Gender Discrimination, Human Rights, Immigration/Migration, Legal Rights, Leadership, Teen Pregnancy/Mothers, Trafficking, Violence Against Women
Other sectors: human trafficking
Year founded/registered: 1998
Number of staff: 15


The Animus Association provides services to victims of violence. These services include centers for rehabilitation, counseling and psychotherapy.



The name of the Association comes from K. G. Jung’s terminology. “Animus” is the masculine side of woman’s psyche. “Animus” is the source of problems in the personal world of the woman and also the creative power to solve them. It is the weakness and the strength of the woman’s soul.


  • Healthy communication between people and gender equality in Bulgarian society.
  • Availability of accessible psychotherapeutic services and programmes, offering professional and competent help to people who need it
  • Social attitudes of tolerance towards differences, respect for suffering and non-acceptance of violence
  • Understanding and acceptance of the values of psycho-dynamic psychotherapy
  • To work for the intellectual, professional and spiritual development of women
  • To initiate a change in the Bulgarian family and society; to develop and implement projects and programmes connected with support to women and children
  • To encourage gender-equality understanding in society
  • To improve the status of women
  • To be a mediator between different state institutions and non-governmental organizations and to co-ordinate their efforts on the problems of violence against women.


Animus Association achieves its mission and goals by:

  • establishing specialised centres for professional help for survivors of violence;
  • encouraging the development of and conducting educational and training programmes;
  • exchanging experience with similar organisations in Europe, Asia, and North America;
  • publishing materials connected with its work;
  • cooperating with institutions and organizations in the country connected with the activities of Animus Association;
  • organizing conferences and workshops on the problems of women, family and mental health, organizing cultural events which contribute to the goals of the organization.

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