Albanian Women Network,UK and Global

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Albanian Women Network,UK and Global
Country: United Kingdom
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Executive Director: Lida Rragami
Contact number: 00447825525942
Contact email:
Target: Girls and Women
Organization type: International NGO (operating in multiple countries), Women's network (network/coalition of people or organizations)
Operates in the following countries: Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey, France, Belgium, Sllovenia, Croatia
Sectors: Peace and Conflict, Leadership, Legal Rights, Human Rights, Immigration/Migration, Gender Discrimination, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Economic Empowerment, Disabled Women, Business, Violence Against Women
Year founded/registered: 2010


The Global Network of Albanian Women for Empowerment, Leadership, economical development and much more.


Albanian Women Network (AWN) is a global NGO, founded and with headoffice in the UK, with Global Reach for Albanian Women. It operates globally.


Albanian Women Network (AWN) has undertaken major activities to date. On 2nd to 4th of March AWN held the Albanian International Women Conference in London, with participation of Albanian People across the Globe (Balkans and Albanian Diaspora). The aim of the Conference was to Strengthen and Empower Albanian Global Networking, Empower Albanian Global Diaspora co-operation, Preserve and protect Albanian Language and Heritage in the Albanian Diaspora; Empower Albanian Women become a powerful force for change and development in this international global Albanian initiative.

AWN will hold another 9 Conferences in the Balkans region in 2012 with the aim of Empowering and strengthening Albanian Women for stronger voice in the society, Leadership economical development, peace and prosperity

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